is looking for an investor

    While we are discussing the creation of startups and finding money to implement our own ideas, investors are already looking for successful projects, and they need not billions of dollars in any way.

    Today , Ruslan Kurepin has also taken up the search for resources for the development of the notorious site . The catalog exists for the seventh year and today has more than 13500 copyright works of more than 700 cartoonists. In general, an interesting period. This season, we have real opportunities for investing in Russian IT companies - in Mamba , if there is a lot of money, and in Caricature , if a little less money. There are two options for investing in a project. First: general sponsor

    An individual or legal entity, possessing, in addition to the official status of the general sponsor, the exclusive right to place advertising and information on the site. It is possible to create special sections, change the design of the site, modify service scripts for the interests of the sponsor.

    Sponsorship is sold for a period of 3 months. Estimated cost: $ 5000 per month. Under certain conditions, significant discounts are possible.

    Second: investor .
    An individual or legal entity who wants to invest in the development of the project: promotion and popularization of the Internet component and the creation of an offline agency of caricature, comic book, collage and cartoon. To create an offline agency, the usual
    infrastructure for such matters is required : accountant, lawyer, managers, office, etc.

    To date, several tens or hundreds of print publications use the materials on the site for free often only because there is no well-functioning administrative and technical opportunity to do this for a fee. Artists dream of selling their work through this agency and fulfilling orders for electronic and traditional media; they are happy to illustrate books and souvenir products.

    The investor is invited to venture capital investment or direct purchase of a share in the project. The size of the share directly depends on the investment conditions.

    You can contact Ruslan using publicly available contacts .

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