Today is Apple's holiday

    Exactly 30 years have passed since their personal computer Apple II appeared on store shelves on June 5, 1977.

    The Apple II is the computer that made Apple the driving force of the then new industry. The original version was far from what we used to call a personal computer, but it is precisely to the appearance of Apple II that we owe everything that we have at the moment.

    Including a keyboard, a built-in programming language - BASIC, expandable memory, color monitor, sound card and expansion slots, Apple II is similar to today's computers, like Plymouth 38 year old is similar to Cadilac Escalade. Perhaps a slightly unfinished, but fully functioning device.

    At a time when Apple dominated the educational PC market, it was Apple II that filled computer classes in the United States and even around the world. Some of these PCs are still in use.

    Apple II is still the most successful PC ever made, and was released until October 1993, when the Macintosh did not finally send it to rest.

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