Yahoo Opens Panama for Partners

    Yahoo has officially announced the launch of the new Search Marketing Commercial API Program initiative , in which developers, advertisers and third-party companies can get free access to the programming interfaces of the Panama advertising platform. This can be especially interesting for advertisers, software companies, advertising agencies and other companies that can make good money on software products built on the basis of these APIs.

    Of course, the reliability of the business on free APIs, in principle, is in great doubt , but in this case the situation is special, because it is important for outsiders in the search advertising market Yahoo to attract developers to their side. Therefore, you can count on an ultra-loyal attitude towards partners.

    Top executives at Yahoo directly say that the opening of Panama software interfaces has only one reason - an increase in market share. The world's largest portal is still unsuccessfully trying to catch up with the leader in the search advertising market - Google with its AdWords / AdSense platform.

    Naturally, in the race for the leader, the help of a community of independent developers is very necessary, which Yahoo is trying to "bribe" with free raw API access. In addition to the service for developers , the Search Marketing Commercial API Program also has a special program for advertisers and another program for commercial partners.

    Access to program interfaces by default is allowed only for non-commercial use, but Yahoo businessmen will be only too happy - a separate agreement is concluded with them. The number of requests is monitored for each IP address, and the counter is reset once every 24 hours.

    via Yahoo , TechCrunch

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