Khabroyashchik Monday - March 31.

    Monday - a hard day, lunch Box at your service.
    Not advertising, but convenience. Every day I throw on my Twitter feed a link to the Habroyashchik. Nick is the same - shapelez .

    Events :
    Twitter - the pace of development is not justified. Apple Link
    cuts prices on laptops shipped to Russia. Wait for
    Ubuntu, installed on the Vaio, became the winner of the CanSecWest. The link
    "Vulyk" has opened. In the photographs of a girl with beer. Zamanuha
    Microsoft Loses brand strength. Link

    Development :
    Frontier - framework for php 5.1 Link

    Useful :
    The art of effective planning. Groundhog Day link
    on a personal example cord . Link
    5 points for creating web services, adept . Ref

    Advert :
    Interview with creator iTech Bridge - Anatoly Milner. Link
    Children and the Information Heritage. Link
    Interview with Olga Aleksashenko, Getaltime web technologist. Link

    Podcasts :
    Sound Types, Issue 35. Foreign Link : Caution, English! teaches you how to make a waterproof wallet. Link

    Passwordmeter offers to check the strength of the password. Link

    PS Today, without humor, in a hurry to work. At the same time I will check the reaction of the public to a slightly different manner of presentation.

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