I have a very popular blog at LiveJournal. Can I make money on it?

    Representatives of the Sup company answered this and many other popular questions .

    We believe that the current prohibition for LiveJournal users to make money by advertising on their blogs leads to the fact that interesting and commercially promising projects have to migrate to external hosting outside LJ. So far, there are not very many such cases, but, in our estimation, with the growing popularity of the blogosphere, the number of candidates for leaving for “solo swimming” among the demanded blogs can grow quite quickly. We are planning, with the consent of Six Apart, to eliminate this ban and help all interested Russian-speaking users to receive not only pleasure and fame from keeping their diaries, but also commercial benefits. We will definitely talk about our plans and work in this direction. It’s clear that not all diaries have the same commercial potential, and not all blog owners in LiveJournal will want to advertise on their pages. The general principle is simple: each issue will be decided for itself.

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