Work Release

    An asterisk appeared in the top menu - a link to the beta of the new service with the working title "Oh, work . " Now, in a few clicks, you can find a suitable job or a suitable candidate for a vacancy right on the site. We tried to make the service as cross-cutting as possible, all resumes and vacancies are tied to users. No one should get lost.

    You can publish your resume in Settings , there is a link to a new section ; this can also be done in the recruiting section, see the add link.
    The published resume will be visible to users from the 1st circle. If the user indicates that he is looking for work (check the box in the settings), the resume will be published in the database and will be available to all users. An inactive checkmark “removes” the resume from the database, but leaves it in the profile (again, the resume will be visible only to the 1st circle).

    Before the billing starts (tentatively - in the middle of November), the service will be in beta, so now the publication of vacancies is open to everyone, recruiting services of Internet companies can safely pump Habr with job offers. We will be very happy. And happy too :)

    As always, comments on the announcement welcome bug reports, error messages and questions about the service.

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