Runner opens contextual advertising school

    The following news appeared on the runner’s site :

    The Runner company, together with the New Marketing magazines , Advertiser: theory and practice, and the online advertising publication AdMe, offers everyone to become contextual advertising specialists.
    Over the course of several months, leading Begun experts will talk about the possibilities and tools of contextual advertising, how to conduct an advertising campaign and correctly compose ads, and evaluate the effectiveness and cost of attracted customers. In order to put knowledge into practice, readers of the Advertiser: Theory and Practice and New Marketing magazines will be able to use the gift coupon. They will start an advertising campaign with $ 10 in the account.

    Lesson 1: The evolution of contextual advertising. From banner to phone call.

    An article, by the way, useful for neophytes

    Hmm ... 10 credits per account ... I wonder what the circulation is, how many times 10 pops come out :)

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