Wiki vs Email

    For some time now at work, I have been trying to deal with the following practice:
    • the analyst sends a draft version of the functional specification in the Word document by E-mail to programmers, testers, and maintainers.
    • everyone makes their changes and sends them back.
    • the analyst brings together what he considers necessary and the process is repeated until the document is approved.

    As an alternative, I suggested working with a wiki.

    So far, all my attempts have come across the following arguments:
    - we are so used to it;
    - wiki is inconvenient to work with;
    - Well, some technical types of notifications, etc. (which in principle are solvable and are called more for excuses).

    And then I came across a network on an interesting illustration of the interaction

    Wiki We Email

    Now I will try to more clearly articulate the pros and cons, starting from this scheme .

    What do you think about this?

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