About happiness at work or "I" to my own anti-motivator

    About happiness at work or “I” to myself an anti-motivator
    In response to the habratopik about “How to be happy at work” In response to the habratopik about “How to be happy at work” there were several drafts about motivation, stimulation and “Schaub was happiness at work” with a capital "Щ". I do not want to analyze articles or something. I just want to express my thoughts on how you can be satisfied with your work (again, no matter what).

    A man is so arranged, especially a Russian, that he is everywhere looking for those to blame for his personal troubles, problems, failures. Just think about it, you still, if not now, had problems with work, superiors, subordinates, colleagues. And why? Who is guilty?

    Let's start with earlier eras in your work, namely problems. Create an abstraction.

    Here is a John worker. The average person, the average income, everything is average. And naturally, he has the average " cockroach insectoid in his head." This John has friends at work, and there are ill-wishers.

    By the way, having well-wishers and “well-wishers” at work is quite common. There is no escape from this. Even if it seems to you that everything at work is openwork, everyone is happy with each other, etc., then this is a small illusion. I assure you that there will be someone whom you will hate in a critical situation and who will be to blame for something in front of the team or in front of you personally. But this is so - for a bunch of paragraphs.

    In general, here is John, he knows how to do his job well. Somewhere he’ll put a joke, somewhere he’ll help. But let's say he has a small drawback (for the team) - he gets tired, and it’s not that he plowed like a draft horse - everyone is tired. And he gets tired in the most unexpected moments. In the middle of the week, before the deadline. Vobschem does not matter. And let him not let anyone down, but makes you nervous (well, at least a little). Actually, everybody grumbles at him periodically.

    Now let's move on from the description to the point. The person was modeled, and patterns can be applied to him. (hereinafter referred to as the first person).
    “Oh, how to break up, one more fucking day and day off. They washed, seagull slammed. How hard it is to distract from a book / movie / cat / wife (hereinafter and to choose). Let's go to work. *at work*. Eh, the deadline is close, but there’s nothing at all in the mood today: I’ll work so that I can see tomorrow, maybe I’ll finish the mood quickly, do it there ... * in N-hours *. Oh, the boss has come. What does he need again? said all tomorrow. About bonuses says. And what - tomorrow I’ll finish it all, why should I threaten with bonuses? Here is a bastard, Kazel is our boss. The mood has fallen even more - I will not work. ”
    And so on.

    The example is certainly trivial, but I hope it is understandable and it is clear why the person does not work, why the chef is Kazel. Who is to blame? Wrong - John is to blame.

    Self-flagellation is certainly not an option, but you should often look around and understand the reason for your mood. (This is the way to self-motivation, self-stimulation - I will procrastinate in another topic, promise! ).

    As a result, John may have trouble at work. After all, the team (if he does not work alone, but on the team) is not to blame for the fact that he has a bad mood and he (the team) is not to blame for the fact that John does not want to work.

    Now let's turn to the side of another abstraction. More precisely, more specifically we will abstract ourselves.

    It’s probably pointless to give advice here, each person is his own boss and is free to do whatever he wants, ifat the same time, the rights of another person are not infringed upon (the “paradox of freedom”). But, let's start with ourselves, we will create a mood for ourselves, we will motivate ourselves, you will look and it will work out.

    Here we are (in the sense of every habratopik reading this nonsense , well, I'm with you). We have current problems, and they are from the most diverse areas of our lives, here you can not even talk about work - enough is enough. We, again, cockroaches, Let

    's say you were late for work, rode the minibus (the tram did not come) and were late. (here is the general case, do not exaggerate if it does not suit you)
    You got up a little later, slowly gathered - well, you know how much time you need to arrive at work with a small margin (5 minutes). They came to work, the boss scolded. The boss is a goat. Is it so? I think no. What prevented you from getting up 10-20 minutes earlier? Take a shower, or do something to bring yourself to a cheerful state. Get out early and have a reserve of time for force majeure. Most importantly, some people don’t understand, “how is this - getting to work early?” Well, like that - if you like work, you can come early. My acquaintance came an hour earlier to clear mail, finish all the hated bureaucracy, and for already 8 hours, almost without any risk, do his favorite thing - programming.

    Of course, it is clear to every employee that the bureaucracy is slowing down the whole process, everyone is trying to optimize it. And part of us thinks that bureaucracy is useless. I hasten to upset you - the bureaucracy is needed, without it there is nowhere, of course, you should not be afraid to offer a more optimized version of the turnover document, maybe your option will help, and everyone.

    If you have a motivator for bureaucracy, that’s good. If not, then try to accept for yourself that bureaucracy is needed. Accept - do not run away from her, reports, plans or something else - this is necessary, and for you. With all this in hand, you yourself can evaluate your work. Well, based on your result, look at how much your score differs from the higher one. Well, it does not bother to draw conclusions.

    Next, let's take a look at the team. The relationship in the team is generally a complicated thing. And the larger the company, the more problems there are. How to understand the surrounding reality and decide how you can get along with everyone. Yes, you didn’t “turn up”; you can get along with everyone, depending on how you behave. It is not necessary to be the soul of the collective, it is not necessary to be an outcast in order to abstract. Here, oddly enough, we must also understand the origins of the problems. Start naturally with yourself.

    There was a whiner in our company, in our department. Everything was bad with him, his superiors were bad, employees (not all of course) were bad. Well, everything turned out badly for him. He set himself up for the fact that he did not want to work. And initially, he worked poorly, his boss started reporting, he couldn’t cope with the tasks, and he fell out of the “normals” in the department. In general, in the end, he was offended at all in the whole world. Everywhere enemies, any boss imposes on him a job, the general in general is an “evil raja”. The telly too imposes everything. brrrrrrr. I personally would not want to live like that. Yes, there are failures in life. But to sit still, doing nothing or doing badly, complaining about fate is too much.

    Well, imagine how they will communicate with this person in a team? No way, who wants to listen, mood-killing words.

    Again, you need to “love” the work (almost the easiest). Work should at least like. Ideally, it should be fun. And let it be not from the process, but from the result, from the consequences, from anticipations. Stimulate yourself with at least what you can get - fantasize.

    In any case, at least some team always has a hierarchy, even among colleagues of the same level. A peculiar hazing. And then it all depends on you. How do you behave in this team. Step back or will participate in life like everyone else, create this team.

    Yes, I agree, there are personalities who shy away from the collective. But they are quite rare. A person lives in society and it is advisable to join the society in work, even if you are disgusted ... or scared ... or uncomfortable. Believe me, sometimes people are better than computers :-)

    By the way, changing work is an extreme measure. Of course, you don’t have to reach the idiotic end. But running every six months from one office to another is not worth it.

    At the expense of profiting at our expense. What can I say? Yes, there is, but we all profit from something. We all work for the sake of "profit." Only here are the volumes of this gain and the meaning of this gain is different for everyone. Again, do not blame the boss for the big z.p. and taking money from you. Grow, learn, apply knowledge and either you will understand the boss or become the same. There are small exceptions, but there are very few. Many people change their work because of the greater zp

    In general, to be a happy employee, it is not necessary that birds sing, angels fly around :-) Start with yourself, and your good mood will either adjust the surrounding team or you will watch in bewilderment. Do you know how you saw a happy person? Just remember, if this person impresses you, then you are involuntarily happy for him, and then you yourself are already in a good mood. Is that familiar?

    I wanted to abstain with advice, but the monologue should be brought to something. This is all clear, you say, start with yourself and all that, you could say a couple of sentences (censor's note). By this reasoning and a boring monologue, I meant the following. If you want to change your life for the better, start with yourself. Trite? Yes. Is it old Not. Do not be afraid to change something and make mistakes. Troubles will always haunt you. Small or large - it doesn’t matter. This is an experience and it will help you to have mostly small mistakes.
    I will not urge you to strictly and clearly enforce any rules. It's boring. Invent your ways to solve your problems. Invent your ways of expressing interest in work and raising your mood. Reading and applying the experience of professionals is not for everyone. So that they do not say, no matter what “cool” ideas are put forward, no matter what pearls they write in books, nothing and nobody will change you as you need for the better. Well, "if you want to do something well, do it yourself."
    When working in a team - do not forget, you are part of the team. Loneliness is not the best choice (and the network also does not replace live communication) and, believe me, it is better to work at least together.

    In general, live, work, enjoy life and simple things. Embellish and amaze your world, no one will do it for you. In general, keep your tail with a gun!

    UPD: the employee had a question, what if he got into a vicious circle?
    boring-> low working capacity-> decline in reputation-> drop in self-esteem-> self-digging-> boring ...

    If it were 3 years ago, I would quit, drop everything and go to another place.
    Now ... what ideas?

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