Meet the Orchard Project!

    Orchard Project LogoOrchard is a new CMS system developed by a team from Microsoft under the auspices of the newly formed Codeplex Foundation . I want to draw your attention to the fact that this is not a Microsoft project and the company does not provide any official support for Orchard, but Microsoft contributes to the project by highlighting a full-time development team of 8 people (agree, a full-fledged team of high-class specialists is a good help). Initially, the project was developed by the developers from the ASP.NET team, but later the guys from Oxite joined them. By the way, despite the fact that the leading developers of Oxite Erik Porter and Nathan Heskew switched to Orchard, the project has not ceased to exist and the blog engine, which was once created to support the MIX'09 conference site, is being prepared for release (as the developers promise, soon after MIX'10 completion :)).

    Orchard development began relatively recently, in October last year. At the moment, not even a single intermediate version has been released, but the development is very active . It's nice that all code is provided under the New BSD License, and not Ms-PL like most projects hosted on Codeplex and developed with the participation of Microsoft employees.

    At the moment, many have already been implemented from the standard set of functionality of mature CMS:
    • Basic administration panel and authentication
    • Create and manage pages
    • Page Templates and Areas for Content on Pages
    • Various content types / metadata, viewers, and content editors
    • Editing and publishing content (drafts, publication schedule, preview)
    • Extensibility - basic content types and infrastructure composability (based on MVC 2 Areas)
    • Media content management (basic support for loading and displaying images in content)
    • Manage users, roles, memberships, profiles, and permissions
    • XML-RPC (Live Writer, MetaWebBlog) support for pages
    • Basic blog features (creating blog and post management)
    • Comments - comments related to content types, comment management, spam protection
    • Tags - tags associated with content types, tag navigation
    • Settings - management of application level and extension level settings is implemented in the UI
    • Themes - theme support, installing / uninstalling themes through the UI
    Of course, Orchard does not yet have all the necessary CMS features, and what is not always working, but I believe that Orchard has everything ahead!

    For those who want a closer look at the Orchard Project, a few links to useful resources:
    Few screenshots
    The screenshots show the change set 45991 .
    (The admin control panel is very similar to Wordpress)
    Manage pages Manage blogs Orchid theme

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