A bug with various saves in the MODX Revolution admin admin area in Opera (Eternal download)

    For my unclear reasons (if someone means the true reason and why they don’t eliminate it - tell me, I will be very grateful), when Opera is used to administer the site on MODX Revolution, an eternal download window appears when the resource is saved.

    This window can be removed in one way - by refreshing the page. And since the administrative part works according to the principles of "AJAX" this greatly slows down the work.

    The bug appears at the time of writing in the latest version of Opera 11.10, MODX Revolution 2.1.5-pl (advanced) and Ext JS Library 3.4.0.

    I propose a temporary solution to this issue (until the release of the new version of Ext JS Library as part of the MODX Revolution package or until MODX (or Opera) fix it).

    To get rid of the “eternal” download window, you need to change the line in the file “manager / assets / ext3 / ext-all.js”:
    throw {message:"JsonReader.read: Json object not found"}

    on the:
    return 1;

    Write comments, thank you for your attention!

    PS Please note that after such a change, the data on updating the page will not go to the admin panel. In other words, for example, after updating the page title, the page title in the resource tree will not be updated (although here I see my plus, this tree will not be updated every time, pausing the process). If necessary, click on the appropriate button in the "Resources" section (Refresh tree). Also in the Gallery module, new photos will not be displayed, but the page will not freeze and all photos will be successfully buzzed, although they will not immediately appear in the thumbnail viewing area inside the album.

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