Tiler - A rethought classic puzzle game for the iPhone

    tilerappTiler is a rethought classic puzzle game for the iPhone.

    15 (tag). I have never been interested in this puzzle. I remember as a child I had a white plastic box that could hardly open. In this box were the same little white squares with red little numbers. These squares moved tightly, it was necessary to correct them. I don’t know, maybe these uncomfortable memories ruined the impression of the game.

    I have an iPhone for a long time. He appeared at my apple store in the United States almost a few weeks after the official start of sales. Constantly watching the sharp increase in popularity and the number of applications accumulating like a snowball, we decided to try and took a clear and fun gameplay, making it simply incredible! Now the tactical logic of the tag uses all the available technical capabilities! We were ironic and reckless when we rethought and came up with i-tuning for our once unloved game, used all the features and capabilities, tried to make the game beautiful. Appreciate the realistic materials of your tag: black and white glossy plastic, Bohemian glass or antique silver. Test the bewitching night mode with luminous details. In the dark, they look even better.

    Finally, enter your name in the online Hall of Fame.
    Challenge yourself in a classic puzzle, be smart, be fast!

    Just give it a try!
    Clicking this link will transfer you to iTunes. Price $ 0.99

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