Microloan service - WebMoney project in social networks

    About half a year ago, the WebMoney application appeared on the VKontakte social network - a special version of WM Keeper that allows you to use your WM wallet without leaving the social network. And in the new year, public access to a similar application on the Facebook network was opened . And quite recently, the functionality of the Vkontakte and Facebook applications has been expanded with a new product - a microloan service “Mutual Assistance Cashier”. Now users of both networks can borrow and lend to their friends.

    A prerequisite for using the “Mutual Assistance Cashiers” is a friendly status on the social network. In addition, in the Mutual Assistance Cashier there is a Lender Rating showing how wealthy a user is offering a loan. The more friends the user has with whom he is allowed to borrow, the larger the allowed amount, the debt repayment period and the amount in his wallet, the higher the rating.

    The capabilities of social networks in terms of security impose their financial limitations: the maximum amount that can be stored in your wallet and the daily limit on transactions is 5000 WMR (rubles in the WebMoney system). This limit applies to all transfers, payment for services and operations in the mutual assistance cash desk. The minimum amount that can be borrowed is 5 WMR. Which interest to install on the loan and whether to install them at all - you decide.

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