Neonray: web file access

    The online desktop service Neonray has access to personal files through a browser. While your documents can only be downloaded.

    How to use it. Working in the usual way on the Neonray online desktop , you create documents and save them in your personal folder.

    Something like that. Later, finding yourself somewhere where there is only a browser (or not having a special desire to send yourself these documents by e-mail), you log in to the service’s website in such a nice window.

    Enter your Neonray login and password into the window and go to the " My Page " tab that appears . Vuyalya! All your documents are here.

    PSI remind you that so far, access is read-only. The ability to upload documents to your online desktop will of course also be.

    PPS By the way, in the first picture, in the upper right corner you see a blue die with numbers. This is an applet that shows how many places you used and how much of everything you have. It is very convenient not to miss the moment when the place comes to an end.

    PPPS And by the way, you now have 250 MB of space for personal files. Use on health.

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