Startup idea: calculating the cost of consumables

    We will help people with a choice!

    Today I thought about buying a printer. Despite the fact that I have it at work, it is sometimes very useful to have such a thing at home.

    After some selection of printers in Yandex.Market, a well-known catalog of all kinds of products with selection, a circle of printers was chosen that interested me and then I realized - I have no idea how much it will take me a month ...

    So, here's what I offer.

    main idea

    There is a certain site - for example .
    It stores several bases - the base of printers, the base of cartridges for printers, the base of shops, these cartridges selling, the base of the properties of cartridges, well, the little things.

    Accordingly, a user who visits the site selects his printer, enters how many people will use it (from 1 to, for example, 10), how many pages will be printed per month. If the printer is color, then how many pages are printed per month in color, how many black and white.
    You will probably need to enter a clarification of what proportion of graphics in the printed.

    After he entered this data, a certain standard process starts - searching cartridges online, comparing their cost, calculating how many of these cartridges are enough, issuing information of the form

    1. Shop A - Cartridge (model 1) - cost / month
    2. Shop A - Cartridge (model 2) - cost / month

    Sorting by each field or any other parameters.
    NB: K.O. tells you that all the information on the cartridges can be obtained on the manufacturer’s website ...


    And now the most important thing is for what, probably, you will undertake to create such a project - monetization.
    Personally, I see two ways to monetize.
    They can be used individually, or can be used together.

    First way

    It is more labor intensive, as in my opinion. But you decide.
    This item is a fee for the allocation of a particular store from the general list. I don’t know, underlining there, the inscription “Our partner” or anything else. Labor costs in the fact that it is necessary to negotiate, explain, advertise, and so on.

    Less labor intensive

    This way is to create a separate section for companies. In this section, firms will be able to store information about their printers, calculate an approximate budget for some time ahead, depending on which printers they are going to buy and the store in which to buy consumables.

    There it will be possible to track the efficiency of the use of printers (based on what should be printed on them and how quickly they run out), and you can also choose a paper store (probably this should be made available in the private section) for the printer and register an arbitrary number of users printer.

    That's all! I would be very happy if someone implements this idea - it seems to me that it may turn out to be in demand!

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