Musicians take over social networks

    Well-known music groups no longer want to work "for uncle" and communicate with the army of their fans through third-party services like MySpace.

    The popular rapper 50 Cent on MySpace has a million-strong army of fans. The entrepreneurial African American realized that he could earn much more if he made direct contact with these people, for which you need to know their email addresses and other information. That's why he decided to create his own social network .

    Rapper 50 Cents is not the only musician who has come to grips with community building. Nowadays, many people do this, from Kylie Minogue ( KylieKonnect website ) to Pussycat Dolls.

    Own sites have long been an indispensable attribute of every more or less successful music group. The difference is that now they are massively equipped with all the elements of Web 2.0 and acquire the functionality of social networks. Thanks to this, fans can hang on such sites for days, communicate with each other and, most importantly, instantly buy up all brand attributes and souvenirs that appear on sale. On Facebook or MySpace, musicians do not have the opportunity to receive commercial income on such a scale.

    The most important advantage of your own social network is the complete database of email addresses of all registered fans. At these addresses, marketing mailings are constantly carried out with invitations to concerts and offers to buy new souvenirs.

    There are also specialized platforms designed to create "musical" social networks. The most famous of them is . A few weeks ago, musicians Ice Cube and DJ Pooh launched another project called UVNTV , a mixture of social networking and Internet television. The site is still in beta, with an official launch scheduled for January 2009.

    via Reuters

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