What's new in Quest vWorkspace 7.2 Beta 2?

    Just the other day, Quest announced a new beta version of its vWorksapce VDI solution - 7.2 (build 409) (beta 2). What's new in this assembly? Let's take a closer look!
    Compared with Beta 1, the following has appeared:
    1. vWorkspace Reporting - allows you to create reports on the activity of users and administrative staff both in the present tense and slices for the past tense. Very useful and necessary chip, not my opinion.
    2. Full and official support for VMware vSphere 4.1 hypervisor - although the previous version of vWorkspace supported working with vSphere 4.1, but not officially :)
    3. Integrated vWorkspace 7.1 MR1 updates.

    However, do not forget that in the current release all the features of Beta 1 are preserved, namely:
    1.Quick Start Wizard is a completely redesigned vWorskpace configuration wizard for pilot, test, or industrial use.
    2. Updated product installer .
    3. PoweShell support - here it is! - Support for cmdlets for automating vWorkspace management. Personally, I have been waiting for this feature for a long time - because now the admin routine can be automated!
    4. Support for a new model of product licensing - now licensing has been made possible without sending VMAC to Quest to activate the product, which will certainly simplify the operation of the system.
    5. Improved error reporting system - a revised mechanism that can now offer solutions to various problems.
    6. Virtual Desktop Failover Mode - if a persistent VM is not available, then a temporary VM from the same VM group (pool) is deployed to the user.

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