How many percent in a milliliter

    Many of us have read or heard that female perception is different from male. Some of us know how to translate this difference into the details of the user or user interface, less trivial than the pink background and curls for girls. And some unwittingly received clear evidence that this postulate is well known to marketers of multinational corporations and they are practically exploited:

    On the left, the product is for women, on the right is the same for men. The difference in smell and color is obvious. But the difference in applying for a bonus is far from obvious. At the same time, banks have inscriptions in small print:
    • on the first: "225ml + 25ml for free"
    • on the second: “200ml + 50ml for free”
    although putting the tubes next to it is obvious that they were made on the same line and were poured from neighboring tanks, so to speak, therefore the cost component is the same, at least minimal, in the price, and everything else is a marketoid technique. Developers of interfaces and other such a note.

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