Getting rid of Caps lock - turning into a toggle switch RU / EN

    I have been using this micro program for a long time. And he was surprised not having found her in a search for Habr. Apparently most of them use Punto Switcher, and Linux users can generally make a similar adjustment at the operating system level. But I still try to give an alternative, if only because for someone (for me) this option was the easiest.

    Program (22kb) Caps Lock Switсh - allows you to use the Caps Lock key to switch the keyboard layout (RU / EN is indicated in the header, but naturally this is just an example, it will work with any combination of languages). Very convenient, especially for people using the "blind dialing method."
    Within a couple of seconds, the shortcut with the program was thrown into Windows startup - after which I successfully forgot about it, and just enjoyed the release of Alt + Shift now that annoyed me.

    I tested it only under Windows XP, but I think there will be no problems with the whole Win family. In system processes, the program takes only 240kb.

    .zip archive with the program .
    I could not install the developer, but the program was discovered here .

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