Smoking as a social factor

    The fact that everyone has known smoking evil for a long time, but nevertheless, many people continue to smoke. There are many reasons: unwillingness to quit, stress, etc.
    But let's look at smoking as a social fator, which helps (yes, yes, it helps) to assimilate and expand our circle of acquaintances. A simple example, you came to a new place of work. Because I am an IT specialist, I will consider the situation precisely in the IT sphere. It just so happened. that I am a programmer. I communicate with the customer very little, the project is one, but very large. From this input, it turns out that I get very little communication with my colleagues - everyone works hard, almost everyone has family and children, so neither me nor I have a drink after work, or just chatting after a busy day. my colleagues.
    T.O. it turns out that by name I know only those who are sitting next to me and with whom I constantly communicate on duty. This is if we consider a non-smoking employee.
    Now let's look at the analogue of smoking - a person goes out to smoke several times during the working day. And so, you say, you don’t want what you want, or they’ll shoot a cigarette, then they will ask for a lighter. You look there and the conversation begins, you get to know and talk. There may be common familiar and common themes or interests. Yes, and people begin to greet more often, and even strangers - people from other departments or offices. It turns out that employees who smoke are a kind of caste within the company, again in the smoking room you can talk on equal terms with your boss or discuss your professional problems, and no one will see crime in this, no one will say that you are incompetent, but just try to help. Those. In the process of smoking, people become more tolerant of each other.
    There is such a saying - everyone is equal in the bath, I think that in the smoking room too :)
    In general, I think that smoking should be considered not only as something extremely negative. But also as a social factor - a so-called non-corporate team building of smokers.
    That's all, the main idea has been voiced, if anyone has any objections or additions - you are welcome to comment.

    Upd: I do not urge anyone to smoke, I just wanted to share my observation, probably the majority did not understand me ...

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