SpringOne 2GX conference - new from SpringSource

    The SpringOne 2GX conference, which is being held now (and almost already ended) in New Orleans, is a great occasion to talk about what SpringSource has pleased us lately and will be pleased in the near future.

    SpringOne 2GX is an annual conference hosted by SpringSource. Since relatively recently SpringSource became the proud owner of Groovy and Grails technologies, this year the SpringOne and 2Gx conferences decided to merge into one.

    Spring 3.0

    Of course, the main announcement was the release of version 3.0 of the Spring Framework. The new version contains a number of rather interesting innovations.

    • Java 5 . From the current version, Spring Framework is based on Java 5, with all the ensuing consequences (generics, etc.)
    • SpEL - Spring Expression Language - the ability to refer to bin properties and environment variables using expressions like # {...}, and not only in XML configurations, but also in annotations
    • Stereotypes - using annotations has become even more convenient. Now you can define annotation groups yourself as a new annotation.
    • JSR-330 Support
    • Support for JSR-303 Bean Validation.
    • REST - The ability to create REST applications is now built into Spring MVC.
    • Object / XML Mapping migrated from Spring WebFlow to the Spring core. Native support for JAXB 2, Castor. Integration with Spring MVC and Spring JMS.
    • Support for Portlet 2.0 (at the conference, the speaker asked to raise the hands of those who use portlets. One hand came up. “Well, why are we suffering then?” The speaker said).
    • Converter and Formatter are an alternative to PropertyEditors.
    • Java EE 6 - while JSF 2.0, JPA 2.0, JSR-303, JSR-330 are supported. Other technologies from Java EE 6, such as Servlet 3.0, will be included when they appear in specific products, presumably by the release of Spring 3.1 / 3.2.

    tc Server + Insight

    Free SpringSource tcServer - Developer Edition released . For those who are not up to date, tcServer is Tomcat with commercial support and some additional features, mainly in the field of server management. From the new - the Spring Insight Dashboard was first introduced, which gives developers the opportunity to see how the application runs on the server - track calls, collect statistics, sort threads by runtime, and much more. Watch the video (.mov, English) - impressive. I tried on my product, and was ashamed - still optimize and optimize.

    SpringSource Tool Suite 2.2.0

    STS is a free (but not open) build of Eclipse. The new version includes very convenient tools for working with Groovy, Grails, Spring Roo, and CloudFoundry.


    Version 1.0 of Spring Roo released . If you liked how quickly you can start writing an application in Ruby-on-Rails, or Grails, then on Roo it is even faster.


    In CloudFoundry (discussed on the hub before ), external changes are not very noticeable, except for the addition of launch templates. But now your application can be downloaded to CloudFoundry from STS, Grails and Roo. I noticed: a 33-line script is taken on Roo (wedding.roo example from the delivery set), and after 2 and a half minutes the application is launched on the Amazon cloud and is accessible to the general public.

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