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    Everyone, or at least most, had to look for work on job sites.
    It so happened that in Russia we do not have interesting and large "niche" sites for finding work and hiring personnel in the IT field.
    In the United States and Europe, quite a long time, various kinds of specialists are looking for work on such specialized sites. For example, daily offers 70-75 thousand tech jobs to choose from.


    Service on search and job offer for information technology specialists.

    Why we decided to create
    The so-called "ITmozg" exchange?
    About a year ago, I recruited people to my team and was acutely confronted with the problem of finding personnel in the IT field. I was wondering how things are going for my colleagues ITshnikov? Almost everyone faced the difficulty not only in finding personnel, but also in finding work. In Russia, there are a huge number of job search sites and most of these sites are general, without any specialization.
    So the idea came up to create a highly specialized resource where you can go and see the offers of employers who are engaged in the IT field.

    How to launch the project.

    The project was originally developed as a hobby, only this summer it was decided to deal with it tightly.
    In November 2009, the project began to develop; in December 2009, the alpha version of the portal became the winner of the Web Ready 2009 contest in the category “Audience Award”.
    The project was developed in the evenings and nights, everything was done on their finances without external involvement.
    Passed completely through alfa testing on the target group.
    In May 2010, private beta was launched.
    In September 2010, the service was officially launched.
    The main costs, probably like any other portal:
    Hosting - now VPS, domains, advertising

    Distinctive features of the service

    • Video vacancies and video resumes
    • Resume form has been redesigned for IT.
    • Jobs auto-posting on Twitter
    • Ability to enter the site without registration via OpenID (now Google, Yandex,
    For employers:
    • Search for specific knowledge in “1 click”, for example, find candidates who know C ++ by 5 points from 5 and also know Java for 2 balls out of 5
    • Import of jobs “in 1 click” from the main Job sites

    Conclusions. Where to go next?

    • A “spider” is undergoing testing, which will collect vacancies from employers' websites (the most delicious vacancies =))
    • Create a catalog of IT courses and certifications (with a search by vendors, cities)
    • Create a calendar of IT events
    • Create a library with articles and books ( free and paid)
    • We are working on a system for conducting online video interviews on the site.

    In terms of hardware, we now rent VPS, however, the Dell PowerEdge R410 server has already been ordered; 2xIntel Xeon E5620 16GB RAM
    By mid-November, we’ll move to our dedicated server.
    We ordered the processing of design and usability, by the new year we’ll update the site.

    From November we will cover all major IT events and parties, wait for interesting reports!
    November 12th GDD2010We promise interesting photos and video reports!

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