A video of the enchanting press conference at which Belarusian government officials respond about the future of baynet in the light of new decrees. So far, baynet has a very apocalyptic future.

    From the interesting:
    • Belarusian legal entities are prohibited from buying and using hosting outside the Republic of Belarus.
    • Hosters are forbidden to have and sell equipment outside the Republic of Belarus.
    • Mandatory registration of all sites in the .by zone, moreover, regardless of the domain level (i.e. 12.shop.by must be registered, 11.21.123.shop.by must also be registered).
    • Mandatory registration of ALL mailboxes. Moreover, the Active hoster alone has more than 2 million client addresses. According to them, only 40 thousand people will need to enter these addresses.

    Well, there are a lot of other interesting answers)

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    * in the photo: Head of the Information Technology Sector of the Infrastructure and Informatization Development Department of the Informatization Department of the Ministry of Communications and Informatization Sergey Rudnev

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