Ballmer at WWDC 2010


    News is news. According to insider data from Global Equities Research, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer (a bright character, no doubt) will surprise the audience with his sudden appearance at the annual Apple WWDC presentation. According to the source, the plans of Ballmer do not include pogroms and destruction. On the contrary, the CEO is going to introduce Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 to the public. The source suspects that the program will allow you to build iPhone applications on Windows machines.

    What prompted Apple to take such a step is not yet clear, I suspect that the two largest corporations have decided to join forces in the fight against Android from Google, which in the long run threatens both of them. Accordingly, the expansion of the staff of "home" developers is critical. Maybe it is so, as long as no one knows, but the fact that the show will be interesting - do not hesitate.

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