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    Some time ago "HabraReader" was created. For this, the NewsReader program was used , which was branded for Habr, and some Habr RSS feeds were integrated into it. Those who are not familiar with the Habra Reader will probably be interested to see the previous article .

    Regular users of the HabraRider could notice that for some time now a new section "services" has appeared in the program. Now there are three blocks: “online-radio”, “flash games” and “question-answer” block. All these services are implemented as web pages, i.e. in fact, when you click on the "services" button, HabraRider opens the pages of the website. This allows you to implement almost any functionality in the program. In this regard, the following sentence arose.

    readerEach user can offer and implement their own service, which will be placed in the HabraRider. The offered services may, as related to Habr, and not relate to it. They may have a commercial component or be free, but useful and interesting for users. In order to correctly assess the level of needs of reader users for a particular service, each solution must pass a vote among Habr visitors and existing HabrRider users. Based on the voting results, a decision will be made to add a new service to the program. The most interesting solutions can be added to all existing readers, including those created for other resources. Thus, everyone who can offer and implement a useful service,

    All reasonable offers can be thrown on sergey {a} tsepelev.ru or write in the comments to this topic. The second option looks the most preferable, because it can be immediately discussed by other visitors to Habr.
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