WEB Optimizator: beta to zeta

    A little more than a month has passed since the last publication about the webo.in project , which is completely devoted to client optimization of websites and web applications, and a little more than 2 months from the moment of its appearance on the network.

    I want to say many thanks to everyone who wrote their comments and comments. Without your help, we would hardly have been able to advance that far. The list of new features and errors found was quite lengthy, but we managed to implement all of it. However, the article is not devoted entirely to this.

    Initially, I wanted to write a regular announcement, talk about new features: the appearance of a user account , the history of site checksand some other “goodies” compared to the gamma version. However, this is all external paraphernalia. Most of all I really want the opinions and advice from the public, in what way they see the service: how easy it is for them to use, what features they would like to see more, and how they see the future of such services.

    If you look back 10 years ago, you could only dream about layout by standards, object code for the web was written mainly by Java programmers, and search engines worked on a pair of weak servers. Now, of course, everything has changed. It has changed dramatically: the integration of everything, with everything, has already become firmly established and firmly established there. It’s already inconvenient for us to use the site if it doesn’t have a map with Google Maps or if the indicated contact phone is not highlighted by Skype. For shopping, we are used to going to online stores and ordering travel tickets there.

    You can paint all the charms of today's services for a long time, but let's think in a slightly different plane and try to imagine the future of the webmaster. Who is the next decade web builder? What services does he use and what does he focus on? What should he know, and what, on the contrary, should not?

    It would seem that just dreams, but sometimes even the wildest dreams become reality. How many courageous ideas have been realized only because they were able to formulate? Examples can be given darkness, but I suggest just to express your thoughts. Maybe someone reads your comment, thinks and does what you dreamed about. But for this, first of all, you need to write a comment :)

    Yes, and a little about the essential. Webo.in projectyou still need a good hosting platform (maybe you can pay for it through advertising, but I would like to deal with it last), a good design ( a load diagram can become a very functional tool with the proper appearance) and, of course, your comments and offers. I really hope that with your help it will be possible to make the service that you yourself will be convenient to use .

    The immediate plans for today are to make a tool for "visual optimization" of the requested resource in order to estimate the amount of work and possible page load speed in a couple of clicks.

    Thanks to everyone who took part and is taking part in beta testing new services and discussing the project, I'm afraid to list you all here, because the list will not be complete, but it will take up a lot of space. I really appreciate your input and your activity.

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