NASA will bomb the moon on October 9

    NASA's official website announces a planned moon bombing . Reportedly, solely for the peaceful purpose of finding water on the moon on Friday, October 9, the sinister forces of the western block are about to drop two bombs on the only natural satellite of the Earth.

    The first spacecraft weighing more than two tons will shake the millennial dust at the edge of the Cabeus crater, supposedly at 4:30 PDT. From the satellite, which remained in the orbit of the moon, video shooting will be conducted. The broadcast of this event will be available on the NASA TV website.

    That's not all! A few minutes after the fall of the bomb, the parent spacecraft weighing 700 kilograms will itself be dropped into the same crater. Debris and dust rising to a height of more than ten kilometers are expected to be visible in medium-sized amateur telescopes.

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