Racing Heroes IT Championship, or the first LANIT project at the Alabino military training ground

    Quite by accident, we at LANIT learned about the IT Championship of the Race of Heroes at the Alabino military training ground and decided to participate in it. In our team of ten fighters, only three previously participated in such competitions. The rest had little idea what it was. Some, as subsequent events showed, very, very faintly imagined what awaited them!  

    An exhausting race with a bunch of difficult obstacles. Mud to the waist, cold water, high fences, bars, tanks, barbed wire ... Injuries (two had a leg, one knocked off a knee) and a sharp breakdown ... All this was - but it did not matter on the track: we did not stop, we breathed in the back of competitors and "eat" them one by one!

    Our team, probably, was not the strongest physically, but it was certainly strong in spirit! The result - immediately the third place in our first Heroes Race!

    Below see the photo report, as it were.

    This summer, I unexpectedly took part in the Race of Heroes, and after a while I came across a separate IT Championship of the Race of Heroes. It turns out that on September 16, the organizers decided to make a separate standings - a competition among teams of IT companies. Our leadership supports almost any of our creativity, so quickly get an acceptance and assemble a team.

    Only one week before the start. The organizers are all set - booklets, maniches, etc. We have nothing yet. But for our omnipotent PR manager Ksenia, this is not a problem. She quickly agreed with everyone, and the day before the start, all issues were resolved - we are ready to participate in full uniform and enthusiasm!

    In total, 8 teams participated in the IT championship. Each team has 10 people. In addition to the LANIT team, Kaspersky teams (3 platoons), Group-IB, SEGMENTO, ITelligence, and CargoOnline Lab LLC took part in the competition. The others, apparently, got scared and immediately gave up ;-).

    We started penultimate. This created additional difficulties, as other teams could delay our progress. But on the other hand - it gave an additional incentive to catch up and overtake the next competitors.

    The length of the route is 10 km, the number of obstacles is 61 pieces. We need to overcome the entire route. You can’t lose anyone or forget somewhere in the trench. Each has two attempts to pass an obstacle. If someone does not pass the test, a penalty point equal to one minute is awarded. The whole team should get to the finish line, otherwise it will be a disqualification. By the way, only 6 teams out of 8 started.

    The last photo where we are clean and funny. After registration, we take pictures as a souvenir alive and healthy and forward to the starting field!

    There we meet our instructor Alexander. He immediately hints at $ 2 million in exchange for assistance in completing the route. Ufff ... I had to run honestly.

    First, 30 minutes of warm-up and briefing on how to pass obstacles.

    Before the start, the last instructions and the proposal to change your mind are not too late ...

    The first obstacle makes you think that there is some kind of catch.

    Well, forget ... Then everything will be fine.

    We have to cling to all parts of the body. In the water, somehow completely reluctant.

    Then you need to climb 20 meters under the barbed wire. Around someone is firing from Kalash or whatever they have.

    Obstacles do not get lower.

    We got out of another puddle. There are 5 seconds per photo.

    And go ahead! Forward! Go ahead for the victory! Retire!

    It’s not for you to go to the tanks at the computer all night!

    We warm the most important parts of the body.

    Climb again and again a little something - into the water! For a missed obstacle - a penalty of 1 point, so everyone tries as soon as they can.

    Obstacles must not be missed. It’s difficult for one, but in the team - that’s it.

    A detachment of fighters rushes forward.

    Another opportunity to swim in the cool water.

    And we just need there.

    Some fighters were already halfway wounded by an enemy bullet, but we are not abandoning our own.

    This is our favorite obstacle.

    Timur: “Water again! Yes, how much more will it be! ”

    Height taken.

    And forward again! Rest only in our dreams.

    Again work, work ... ahead of the competition, we must get them. Instructor Sasha, meanwhile, poses in the distance - that's who the fun is.

    Mom and daughter cheerfully overcome obstacles. Perhaps the participation of two generations is an unprecedented event in the Race of Heroes.

    The detachment leaves the environment. We go to the periscope depth. Some are already starting to turn on autopilot.

    Half way passed. It seems to have not lost anyone.

    Alex met two girls and gallantly leads both arm in arm during a light walk in the park.

    The legs of our photographer somehow fell into the frame.

    The fantasy of the organizers knows no bounds. Only dirt is unchanged.

    The guys have to go completely by themselves, but a small exception has been made for the girls - they can ride on a colleague.

    It may seem that Zhenya is resting, but this is not entirely true. He is born again (the so-called obstacle).

    Our poor feet. Why am I not doing a stretch in the morning?

    The sea will swell swiftly ... and find themselves on the shore, in scales as the heat of grief, thirty-three heroes.
    We have come! Only one thing remains, but the most important obstacle is the seven-meter Everest.

    We storm the "Everest".

    At the end of the exhausting distance of 10 km and after 60 obstacles, the body already refuses to obey. But you need to make the last effort and climb this sheer wall on a rope.

    Alexei: “What ... I can’t get in there?”

    I manage to get myself. Then I help the rest to climb. Girls - pull on the rope.

    That was great. I am proud of our team. Despite the most difficult track, convulsions, bruises, we all got in full force.

    In anticipation of the award ceremony, we bask in the tent, eat front-buckwheat with meat and drink sweet tea with bagels.

    We have reached our goal! We went all the way for about 3:30, received not so many penalty points. We overtook many competing teams that started earlier than us, and took third prize place. For us, this is, of course, a victory and a very high reward.

    A common photo with all the winners and prize winners. The two Kaspersky teams that took first and second places are very cool and great fellows!

    Here is our track and calories spent by our photographer.

    Over 1,500 photos and videos. The whole track is with us. Thank you, photographer Olesya!

    We challenge the IT community to the next race! Dear IT partners and competitors, let's gather a representative team of participants next season and fight in the honest sports megabyte of the giants! But remember, the battle with us will not be easy for anyone!

    stepping into a puddle
    know that ahead
    will only get worse
    and now go
    ( from here )

    And yes, we are looking for heroes who are strong in every sense, including in IT. If you are interested in working in Egor’s team and you have experience, please respond to these vacancies

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