The philosophy of long numbers.

    Well, the time has come for me to make a site too :).
    I made such a miracle in 15 minutes: AAAQ.RU

    What is the trick? you ask.

    And I will answer:

    The number "PI" is an infinite, completely chaotic and unpredictable number. So, theoretically, any combination of numbers that can be represented can be found in this number. What is the date of birth, what is the phone number, what are just 20-30-50 identical numbers one after another. Cool?

    Everything in our life, which can be expressed in numbers, is in this absolute chaos. I don’t know about you, but it impresses me.

    For those who want to check my words, they can try to search for the date of birth or phone number (better than city) on the face or on the page with more characters. Most likely, you will find all this. If not, I assure you, it's just that the numbers on my page did not fit :)

    Found? - inform, - I can put a link to you, as it is already done;)

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