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Поиск@Mail.Ru and GoGo.Ru figured out what topics, people, news, movies, country, TV shows and recipes interested users in September. It turned out that the hottest topics of the month were the new season of the Ranetki series, finished homework, the flagship of the Navy Peter the Great, free SMS sending services, and the launch of the Large Hadron Collider. Details are here .

The full version of the report shows how the preferences of Russian tourists have changed, what films, series and television channels attracted viewers in early autumn, and how September influenced the culinary preferences of Web users. See all ratings at http://gogo.ru/press/?f=4 .

A few facts from search statistics:

- According to the rating of holidays, most often in September they searched for information about Teacher’s Day, which is celebrated in October. In second place with a solid margin - the day of the city in Moscow (September 7).

- New Year's tours were first included in the ranking of popular tourist-related queries in July, taking seventh place. In August, the popularity of New Year's offers rose to third place. And finally, according to the results of September, they became the main topic of tourist requests.

- The “top ten” of the most popular holidays over the past five months included the birthdays of four Russian cities: St. Petersburg (third place in May), Yekaterinburg (ninth place in August), Rostov-on-Don (tenth place in September) and Moscow (third place in August and second in September).

- For five months in the TOP25 of the most requested films four films are kept: “Especially Dangerous” (in September - 25th place), “Street Racers” (24th place), “Sex and the City” (12th place) , as well as "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" (10th place). The question remains, which of them will be able to hold out for six months and maintain their position in the next rating under the pressure of the autumn movie premiere.

- The apple crop turned out to be rich, and the charlotte season continues. In September, apple pie continues to be the most popular recipe for Internet users.

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