Totally Anonymous Blog

    As an entertainment, as well as an exercise in security and anonymity in our time, the author of the Untraceable blog presented his blog, which, he believes, is absolutely anonymous - such that it is impossible to calculate the author of the blog from it.

    So how to create an anonymous blog.

    Tails OS

    Tails OS - Linux OS, specially sharpened by anonymity. All network activity is routed through the Tor network. The OS has an encrypted section on which it is convenient to store the bitcoin wallet, passwords and the source code of the blog, and is launched from a USB flash drive.

    For reliability, you can make a USB backup on your desktop computer in an encrypted hidden section of TrueCrypt. And configure it so that when you enter a fake password, another section will open in which you can put something convincing - a passport scan, for example.


    For mail, we use a free box at, and for confirmation of registration an anonymous one-time box at

    The blog

    We generate the blog in static pages using Octopress , and we post the pages on GitHub via SSH (the key is also stored on USB).


    We buy for bitcoins from IT Itch , and configure the DNS so that they point to a page on GitHub.


    To buy a domain for bitcoins - you must first take them somewhere. For this, the service is suitable , where you can also buy bitcoins for cash. You are looking for sellers in your city on this service, make an appointment, meet, give cash, and get bitcoin (for example, the seller conducts a transaction from the phone). I checked - there are already several people there in Moscow. The account on the site, of course, is also created through Tor.

    How to find a blog author now

    Dictionary Analysis

    There are methods for analyzing the words used, with which you can find texts that are approximately similar in style. The easiest way to avoid this is to use Google Translate to translate the original text into a language, then back, and clean up the result. If you get even more confused, you can order a human transfer with payment with bitcoins.

    Post time analysis

    The time of the appearance of the records can be compared with the activity of a person, but this is also quite easy to avoid by changing the routine.

    Hack Tor

    Perhaps, but laborious. To complicate the hack, you can connect one or more VPN servers rented for bitcoin from providers that do not require documents.

    Bitcoin Transactions

    Transactions themselves are available, but matching a transaction with a real person is quite difficult. Especially when buying them for cash. You can, of course, run into an agent of the FSB / FBI.


    After all these tricks, really tracking the author of the blog seems rather difficult.

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