The hunt for startups continues!

    In Business Petersburg, the first article on Runet startups was published .
    The hunt for startups continues!

    “DP” and the portal about startups LiveIdea have found new Internet projects that have every chance of becoming powerful players on the Russian Internet and crowding out existing market leaders.

    In February, the VIDEOZZ.RU portal began broadcasting in Runet. It provides opportunities for posting and processing video files, communication, dating. Its fundamental difference from competitors (, is in its strong social component.

    By registering on the new portal, the user receives 1 GB of free space, the ability to create a detailed profile, conduct a video blog, get acquainted with other video fans. Despite the fact that the project is in beta testing, it has already posted more than 1 thousand video files. A serious level of project implementation is due to the qualifications of the authors. So, Mikhail Kirillov, who previously headed the movie design studio, became its technical director. It is planned to bring the video portal to self-sufficiency in 2-3 years. In the future, it may become a serious competitor to the sites and,

    An unconventional solution in the field of SMS messages is offered by the creators of the project, Igor and Elena Rodionovs. They felt that sending SMS messages is more profitable if you use the Internet and email. It turns out that the user pays the mobile operator only for the traffic. According to them, the average user of the service spends about 20 rubles per month to pay for traffic. The service works on all phones with GPRS-WAP or GPRS-Internet technologies.

    Igor and Elena Rodionovs already have diverse experience in the field of mobile technologies (entertainment portal, agricultural information retrieval system, mobile library, etc.). “We stand out from ordinary startups created“ on the knee ”by a group of enthusiasts. All employees receive a stable and fairly high salary, and thus we are safe from conflicts within the team: after 3 months of work, we really want real money, but they are not there yet, ”says Igor Rodionov.

    Total investments in the project amounted to more than $ 100 thousand (without attracting outside investors). Work on the creation of the service has been going on since April 2007. It is planned to monetize the project through clearly focused advertising (including unique social and geographical targeting) and the introduction of additional paid services. Now the service is used by more than 40 thousand people.

    Business Petersburg and portal will hunt for startups using all the experience accumulated by mankind.

    Petrova Elnara
    Gurbashkov Nikita

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