IMotivator concept

    "IMotivator" is intended for everyone who has not yet managed to plant a tree, build a house and raise a son. “IMotivator” is a simple device that connects to the computer via miniUSB and after a series of questions (from “ No. 1 Do you smoke something? ” To “ No. 219 do you eat spoiled dairy products at night? ”) Gives out to its user the final verdict - you have only about the time to live, the countdown (in the form of years, hours, days, minutes and the process bar under them) has begun.

    Now, thanks to “iMotivator'y”, one can often hear such a dialogue:
    - Drink beer go?
    - I can’t, I have 670 567 and two tenths of minutes left to live. I have not finished building a house.

    The PRO version of “iMotivator” can bury the whole number of remaining years and meets the 0:00 mark with the third part of the second Chopin sonata, better known as the funeral march *.

    * The manufacturer does not take responsibility if you do not hear it.

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