Bees began to die out due to mobile phones

    Scientists suggest that it is the radiation of mobile phones that causes the mysterious disappearance of bee colonies in the United States and continental Europe. According to one theory, bees get off the navigation system due to the powerful electromagnetic fields around the GSM transmitters. For those who do not see anything wrong with this, it is worth recalling a quote from Albert Einstein, who gloomyly prophesied that after the bees disappeared from the planet, "people will only have four years of life left."

    The problem is that bees are extremely important for nature and agriculture as pollinators. In their absence, crops can fall dramatically, and people will face hunger.

    The disappearance of bee colonies began in the United States and continental Europe, and now has spread to the British Isles and other territories, approaching Russia. The reasons for the Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) phenomenon are unknown, but now there is a new theory according to which the electromagnetic radiation of GSM base stations violates the built-in navigation system, so that the working bees cannot find the way back to the hive. The uterus, eggs and a small number of young working bees remaining in the family all die without food.

    The CCD phenomenon hit half of the US states last year. 60% of bee families became extinct on the west coast, and 70% on the east coast. After that, CCD was noted in Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece, and now in the UK. In fact, no one understands the reasons for what is happening. Charging GSM base stations is just one of many versions. This assumption was put forward by scientists from the University of Landau after conducting relevant studies.

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