Eugene Kaspersky: “There will be even more crime on the Internet”

    The founder of Kaspersky Lab and the head of anti-virus research at this company published his own forecast of changes in the anti-virus industry that are waiting for us in the coming years.

    Eugene Kaspersky mentions several factors that can influence the situation.

    Factor 1. The ongoing criminalization of the Internet. The whole logic of the development of the Internet suggests that there is a lot of crime in it, and then there will only be more. Proof of this is the doubling of the number of new criminal programs that occurred in one year 2005, that is, the level of criminal activity on the Web doubled in a year. And there is no reason to see such a slowdown. By the number of malicious programs that come from different countries, China is the leader, followed by Latin America, followed by Russia and Eastern Europe.

    Factor 2. Growth in the diversity of types and implementations of attacks. Ten years ago (1996), all malicious programs, among which there were no criminal ones back then, were of only two types: viruses and primitive Trojan programs. Now everything has become much more complicated and diverse:

    * network worms;
    * A variety of trojans, including spyware (SpyWare);
    * unwanted advertising systems;
    * malicious use of legal programs (keyloggers, remote administration systems);
    * spam of various kinds, from begging to fraud;
    * phishing, as a separate group of financial fraud;
    * network attacks and racketeering;
    * others.

    Factor 3. Microsoft. Microsoft is going to seriously address security solutions, including antivirus security. The antivirus industry is in shock. Now Microsoft is launching its own antivirus for home computers, antivirus for workstations (hereinafter), as well as solutions for MS Exchange (based on the multi-core Antigen product from Sybari).

    Naturally, the appearance of such a monster will hit the business of other manufacturers.

    According to Eugene Kaspersky, the landscape of the antivirus industry is changing and will change for a long time. It is possible that Microsoft's entry into the security market will be a decisive factor in the process of change. But still there is hope that this event will make the Internet a safer place.

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