Error department

    The Jcraft building hit all of New York. The majestic spiers of the mysterious creation of architecture, aimed at the sky, hundreds of floors, dozens of elevators ...

    How well to work in such a large company, Fox thought. Stable salary, great career opportunities, social package - what else do you need from work? Let what he did was not particularly interesting - what difference, most importantly, they pay impressive for it.

    “Hey Fox, come here.” The boss is calling you. - said John.
    - Yes, I'm going.

    Fox was often called into the office of the department head. Most often, to praise, because the people under the leadership of Fox worked with impressive enthusiasm.
    Therefore, without much doubt, he opened the door.

    - Hello my friend. How are you, as a family?
    “It's all right, chief.” What news?
    - Oh, nothing special. A minor mistake crept into your project that you passed last week.
    - Can not be! We checked everything!
    - Nonetheless. You are waiting for Corey in the error department. Visit him after dinner. All.
    And the chief went about his business. Realizing that the conversation was over, Fox went out.

    After lunch, he went looking for where the error department is located. I went up to the 124th floor, walked through corridors A and F, on the elevator of the special departments I reached the 57th floor, went down the stairs to zone P and found myself in front of the desired inscription.
    There were no people around, only occasionally, around the bend, someone's voices were heard. It’s not often, Fox thought. Of course, the company conducts its business so successfully that it makes almost no mistakes.

    So, here is the door. The Cory Neps sign is hanging, it looks like it's here.
    The excitement swept Fox for the first time in many years. His cunning manipulations with projects allowed him to shorten the time, and soon he led the team of leading developers. He always did everything so that no one noticed - and now, did he make a mistake somewhere?
    No, he could not. He always knew his next step, he always did everything right.

    He grinned, a mask of calm reappearing on his face. Smiling radiantly, he opened the door and stepped forward.

    And fell down from the 57th floor.

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