iPod + iTunes Unlimited

    Today, out of the corner of my eye I noticed on Macworld a funky note , as for me, about Apple's idea to re-promote iPod and music from iTunes. Yabloko’s are already negotiating with the largest record companies about the model for distributing tracks on the principle of “how much will fit” or “even fill up” :)

    The idea is that customers who have purchased an iPod or iPhone at a premium price will have full (lifetime) access to to all tracks in the iTunes directory! Apple is already implementing all sorts of options for subscribing to music or video from a fixed fee for a certain period of time. Now they want to market unlimited access to iTunes for a fixed fee.

    While in the negotiations, according to the Financial Times, we are talking about $ 20 premium on the standard price of iPod or iPhone for the package "iTunes Unlimited", which will be paid to labels. Agree that this is very much not even acceptable. Especially against the background of the price of an iPhone or iPod Touch. Nokia is also burning a similar idea, which back in December discussed such an initiative with Universal Music. True, then it was a question of another amount of deductions - $ 80.

    With one hand in my heart and another in my wallet, I can only wish Apple good luck in these, I’m sure, not simple negotiations with the sharks of the music business. Painfully attractive price will be! By the picture for the post I just wanted to express my optimism and quiet joy that in general we are talking about such an option. Well, let's see.

    via poppy

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