Opera 10 alpha

    It was only that I looked at the Opera developers blog and saw that they had posted a new version of Opera 10.

    Download links:

    Windows (build 1345)
    Windows Classic (build 1345)
    Macintosh (Universal) (build 6284)
    Macintosh (Intel-only) (build 6284)
    UNIX (build 4205) The
    full list of changes / corrections / new products translated based on the original post is given below.

    From what is important to me, this font fixes a problem with fonts, which manifested itself when using the Russian encoding as default in Windows.
    Well, and a bunch of different things;)

    What's new?
    A lot of corrections have been made during this time. Many work is still in progress, for example, spelling checking ...

    Checking for damage to the mail database
    In this assembly, Opera checks the mail server database for integrity at each start. If something is wrong, it tries to restore.

    Well-known problems Spending
    messages on Facebook
    does not work Spell checking does not work Problems with
    mail recovery
    Problems with feed names in the drop-down list

    What has been done
    Internal corrections (including corrections for getElementsByClassName)
    Regular \ b now works correctly
    Corrections in auto-update (now can be disabled)
    Improved stability
    Corrected Facebook chat
    Corrections in the interface
    Fixed a crash when searching
    More feeds to read on the preview page

    Mail can have horizontal scrolling
    Now you can add links to letters when writing
    Restore the mail
    mailer Corrected tracking feed loading if source is unavailable
    Correctly shows attached files in multipart / mixed and multipart / alternative representations of

    Fixed a problem with fonts if, by default, the system has a Russian

    Unix code page.
    Fixed rendering of windowless add-ons
    . Java now works!

    Corrected the position of the add-ons window. Fixed a
    bug when starting on Mac OS X 10.4
    New menu items in Dock

    Original topic on Opera Sat : my.opera.com/desktopteam/blog/2009/03/10/new-peregrine-build

    UPD: Moved to Opera blog. Thanks to those who made this possible.
    UPD: Although it is believed that these assemblies are weekly , but after the last almost a month has passed;)

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