Convenient closure of FastStone Image Viewer

    FastStone Viewer buttonsMany on the habra are familiar with FastStone Image Viewer - a free image viewer. It is fast and its functionality is not bad, but the trouble is that developers with decorations went too far: the skins in the program are non-disconnectable, and their selection is quite limited. Everything would be fine if it were not for the rounded corners of the window. I’m used to closing windows that are full-screen without looking, just clicking in the upper right corner of the screen. But FSViewer remains round at maximization, which leads to “holes” in the corners of the screen, and an attempt to close the viewer in most cases closes the window under it , which is incredibly annoying.

    Today I’m completely tired of it and I sketched a small script for Autohotkey. Now, if you click in the upper right corner in the FSViewer expanded to the full screen, the viewer closes, as it should be in a normal program.

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