Open registration of applications in the Palm App Catalog e-commerce beta

    Here it is! A platform opens for selling mobile applications for Palm WebOS (for Palm Pre devices) and you can already send your applications.

    Those who wish can already send applications for registration. The commission that Palm will take from the sale of applications is the same as that of everyone else - 30%. The user fees will be charged once for downloading the application ...

    At the moment, it is planned that only the United States will be able to use the system (which is not surprising, the devices are linked to the operator).

    How to post an application

    • Send an email to with the subject "Company Name - Application Name"
    • In the body of the letter indicate the username in webOSDev, what type of application - paid or free, description of the application
    • In the attachment, attach the .ipk file with the application
    • Each application must be sent in a separate letter.

    Application Acceptance Terms

    • The application should be interesting to the end user, or at least useful
    • Application design must comply with Palm UI Guidelines
    • The application must be designed specifically for webOS and cannot be accessed through a browser.
    • The application must use the capabilities of the system and device (for example, an accelerometer or services)
    • The application must have sane performance on devices

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