Google + 1 has become global

    I don’t know if it’s right to call the “Google + 1” button a service, but I believe that this is indeed so. A detailed FAQ on Google + 1 can be found at this link , but for now, let's pay attention to the news that the Google + 1 button has become available for issuing all localizations of the search service. Previously, this button was only available for English-speaking

    According to the corporation, partners of the Google + 1 service are large information resources of Europe, Japan, India, Australia, New Zealand, the USA and other countries, including those that you can see in the picture below.

    If for some reason you still don’t know how to place the “Good Corporation” button on your site, but really want to do this, you can refer to the information pageto figure out how best to do this. As mentioned above, the service is available everywhere, for 44 Google search localizations.

    According to the developers, the use of this social service allows you to attract additional user attention, get more visitors and, of course, earn a little more than usual. But all this is possible only if the button is used correctly. Tips for working with the service were given in the first paragraph, in the FAQ.

    By the way, today the offer to place this button appeared in the AdSense interface, I have this message. And I’ll probably post the button on my site, because Google is used by a huge number of people, obviously more than Twitter or Vkontakte there.

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