What Do You Love: interesting mashup from Google

    What is a mashup is better to read on Wikipedia , and if you know what it is, or have already visited Wiki, you should evaluate an interesting service from Google. Actually, this is a kind of mix of services, a mash-up of the many-in-one type. The start page of “What Do You Love” is a search bar and a button. You can enter a word, and Google will display the result, showing this result at once in several of its own services (about 20, including Google Translate, Trends, YouTube, Maps and Groups).

    The results page is a group of widgets, each of which is a link to a separate service. In some cases, the widget can be resized by clicking the icon in the lower right corner. If you need to get the desired result in one of the services, click on the corresponding icon in the widget and go to the selected service.

    “What Do You Love” resembles iGoogle, a service that allows us to create a personalized page with the necessary widgets for entertainment, study or work. However, “What Do You Love” differs about iGoogle, primarily in that this mashup allows you to get the most information for any request.

    You can access this service at google.com/whatdoyoulove. Sometimes, by the way, a message pops up about exceeding the quota of requests, and the service refuses to work. And one more interesting thing - Russian-language queries do not work. Yes, the service simply turns the word written in Cyrillic into abracadabra, and displays the results in hell. The first time I see this on services from Google.

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