Samsung Galleries Birthday and Angry Birds Tournament. Come!

    Angry Birds. Home time killer for more than 80 million people. Every day, users spend a total of 200 million minutes (16 years every hour), carried away by a mobile toy. More than three trillion pigs have been killed in an unequal battle since the first launch of the application. It has helped fill billions of time spent in the subway, traffic jams, or at important work meetings. Angry Birds is still number one among iTunes paid apps in 68 countries, as well as the best-selling paid app ever. The game instantly topped the charts of the App Store, showing sales of 150 thousand copies in the first week. To date, more than 80 thousand Angry Birds soft toys have been sold. The number of video views on the official Youtube channel Rovio exceeded 822 million. Total, the pork-pork brand earned more than 75 million euros: not bad for a mobile application, the development of which cost 100 thousand euros. On the first anniversary of the launch of the game, 2,405 people in 756 cities around the world “killed” even more time as part of the Angry Birds Day celebration.

    On Saturday, November 17, Samsung Gallery in Moscow will celebrate its first birthday. We would like to invite everyone to this holiday! The program of the event announced valuable prizes, master classes and dessert - Angry Birds tournament on Samsung Smart TV. To participate, you need to register here: . There you will find all the information about the holiday.

    Long live the birds! Well, or pigs, if you are on the dark side.

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