Chic retro design of a conventional computer

    On Habr once the news was published that a certain craftsman is engaged in modding laptops, creating something special, in the style of steampunk. This time I propose to evaluate something similar, only this is already a retro style. The modder turned an ordinary computer into a kind of old TV, which should not work either. However, it works, and not bad. This project is called Sputnik 0667 PC.

    Of course, inside the old-looking case - a modern PC, the configuration of which is quite ordinary, and even exceeds the "average temperature in the hospital": mat. Mini-ITX mobo board Gigabyte GA-H55N-USB3, Intel Core i3 550 processor (3.2 GHz), Gygabyte GeForce GTX 460 graphics adapter, 4 GB of RAM and a 500 GB WD hard drive.

    Probably, you can work on such a device with the usual performance for yourself, but at first the user will be clearly distracted by the elements of retro design. In principle, you can even make a room in a vintage style, hang old posters with advertising of ancient technology, and sit with your computer, feeling like a resident of the 70s / 80s. An interesting modding that was created by a clearly talented person.

    Via geeky-gadgets

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