Video speeches by Pavel Cherkashin and Natalia Kaspersky in Ingria

    We post recordings of 2 videos,

    Pavel Cherkashin How to sell yourself to a business angel?

    Natalya Kasperskaya talks about the secrets of entrepreneurship.

    Pavel Cherkashin is one of the most respected business angels in Russia and has experience investing in projects such as Tvigle Media, Toonbox, ID East, Krible, Copiny - all of them have become recognized leaders in their segment and are developing dynamically.

    Natalya Kasperskaya , co-founder and chairman of the board of directors of Kaspersky Lab, as well as CEO of InfoWatch. Natalia told novice entrepreneurs how to create a global company that has become a leader in the information security market.

    My opinionwhy these performances are interesting.
    Pavel Cherkashin spoke about attractive areas for investing in IT.
    He shared his experience of how and in what way it is better to communicate with investors.
    A couple of his statements which I would highlight
    "The shop in line for tomatoes, you probably believe his grandmother, who whispers in his ear," do not take it, my son, these tomatoes, they spoiled ""
    When obschpnii with an investor you should always have a plan "B"

    Natalya Kaspersky enough She shared her experience in detail and honestly.
    If Yevgeny Kaspersky says that partners stood in line for them, then Natalya honestly says how they “made their way” and how it really was.
    She told many interesting cases on working with Asian companies, how they fought against the impudent theft of source codes.

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    Pavel Cherkashin How to sell yourself to a business angel?

    Natalya Kasperskaya shared the secrets of entrepreneurship

    The sound in both videos is a bit “smothered” ; I had to clean the ventilation noise.
    Listen better with headphones, we’ll get extra soon. microphones and we will delight you with perfect quality.

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