Conference materials published on the DevCon'11 conference site


    The conference site DevСon'11 published videos and presentations of reports. Free access posted:Also available on the conference website is a video of the plenary report , keynote speakers of which are Neil Leslie, corporate director of strategic technologies at Microsoft, and Tim O'Brien, corporate director of platform strategy at Microsoft. In their report, they spoke in detail and showed an updated version of the Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system (codenamed Mango), a preliminary version of the Internet Explorer 10 browser platform, Kinect SDK for Windows, and much more.

    DevCon'11 is Microsoft's largest software development conference, which was held May 26-27 in the suburbs. The conference is aimed at professionals in the field of software development, testing specialists, architects, development team leaders, as well as IT industry experts. Over 2 days of the conference, more than 650 development professionals attended the conference, and the number of virtual listeners to reports on the present and future development and the Microsoft platform was over 25 thousand people.

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    Below are videos of the plenary report and the teleconference with Scott Guthrie:

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