Add the cartoon to “Well, wait a minute!”

    Everyone who has not seen the cartoon after 1000 points is given a second chance. The source code of the application “Well, wait a minute!” For iOS is now available to anyone on github .

    Why all of a sudden?

    Why not. The project did not have a single commit for a very long time. Thanks to the efforts of Nintendo and their lawyers, the application cannot be distributed in the states, and it quietly “pokes” in the Russian upstart. And, in the end, a great chance to annoy the competitors a bit :)

    The state of the code.

    I would say "above average." There are dozens of warning s in the project, called first of all by the old version of Open Feint. The game still launches on iPod Touch 1G, even after switching to Xcode 4. At the same time, it refused to start on the iPhone 4.3 simulator, I’m pretty sure that Open Feint crashed at startup.

    What can be improved?

    Yes, a lot of things. Work on the graphics and give the game a pleasant look. Add support for retina display and iPad, and generally make a universal application. Yes, and make the wolf finally dance after 1000 points!

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