Relationship is real

    In the spring of 2005, Walt Disney decided to hold a short promotion based on the virtual world.

    “We will launch the virtual world, invite people, and then, when the action is over, just close it,” Walt Disney said, but the consequences were unexpected.

    Virtual World Virtual Magic Kingdom , was an ordinary virtual world in which people could develop characters, make friends and communicate, but with the condition that everyone participates anonymously.

    When the company announced that the world was closing, people realized that they would forever lose touch with friends they had acquired during the game.

    “The game was virtual, but our relationships that we developed during the game are real. We worked together, built our world, developed our virtual community and we don’t want to lose it, ”the participants said, but in the spring of 2008 VMK was closed.

    The incident made many seriously think about the boundaries of the virtual and the real.

    What is real for us? Should the organizers of virtual communities be responsible for the safety of human connections that arise as a result of communication - both anonymous and real?

    What measures should be taken to maintain personal ties when closing a community?

    And what if there are virtual creatures among the community members - virtual pets, information - because for a person, and especially a child, the loss of a virtual friend can be perceived as well as the loss of the present?

    It would be interesting to know your opinion!

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