Full root

    In not so distant 2005, I came across such a wonderful book, it is called "Complete Root" by Alexander Chubaryan . The book was read by me, a pleasant style of presentation, an interesting and dynamic plot, and the theme of the book was not hackneyed.

    So the other day, quite by accident, wandering through the expanses of the boundless Internet, I came across it, I remembered everything, as they say, well, and it pulled me to nostalgia.

    As seen on many resources, retelling the plot of the book is quite difficult. It all starts with hacking a certain server, and ends with a major conspiracy. The plot of the book does not get bored, literally constantly throwing more and more twists and turns. The atmosphere is conveyed with the smallest details so much so that sometimes it seems that you are the main character and it is with you that this all happens.

    Unfortunately, the author of the book is not so famous and popular, but in vain, because his books can be read more than once and not 5 times.

    PS. This post is not an advertisement. I decided to share it, I hope someone reads and shares my opinion.

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