New Blogger Blog Hosting Template Designer

    I hasten to share the most pleasant news - the so-called Blogger Template Designer has appeared in Blogger in Draft . In short, this is a new mechanism that allows you to customize the look of your blog on Blogspot easily and quickly. At the same time, it has powerful enough functionality to create a template that you want to make yourself. Now for this you do not need to go into the code, learn a lot of html, ccs and other technical details.

    So wonderful it all looks live:

    The system is only launched in test mode in draft blogger drafts, I remind you that you can go there by link using your account. In the future, the developers promise to improve the features and add even more templates. Blogger Template Designer currently has:image
    • 15 new fully customizable templates that are divided into 4 groups - Simple, Picture Window, Awesome Inc and Watermark.
    • 1,2,3 columnar arrangement options for blocks for each of the templates with full control over the placement and size of columns.
    • Hundreds of background images from one of the leaders in the iStockphoto photo bank market.
    • Customize fonts, backgrounds, colors for different blog elements
    All the results of changes made in the editor are displayed on the preview in real time so that you can see what and how it looks in the blog. As soon as you select the appearance you need for the blog, click on the “Apply to Blog” button in the upper right corner of the browser window and enjoy the results.

    You can read more about the innovations on the Blogger in Draft website in English or in the BlogoHelp project in Russian. I want to add on my own that this update (along with some recent updates) once again confirms the status of Blogspot as the best system for creating and maintaining a free blog on the network.

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